1. Hi,

    My address is

    I set all my pages as private a few days. But recent when I tried to login again, just found I cannot login any more. I don’t know if you could you help to check if there is anything wrong?

    Is it because of my previous operation of setting of pages as private that causes this problem?

    Thanks very much,
    Gao Chao

    1. Your blog is available now! I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
      This page failure was caused by your modification to ‘Site Address (URL)’.
      When ‘Site Address (URL)’ set to, it will trigger nginx to redirect the request to https protocol. Then PHP detect the URL is not, so PHP redirect the request to the ‘Site Address (URL)’ you set. So it caused circular redirects.
      We have fixed the bug by cancel the rewrite rule for http to https. Now you can set your ‘Site Address (URL)’ to http or https as you like.
      Enjoy USTC Blog ^_^

      1. 多谢了。

        但是我发现我好像还是无法登录, 我大概可以确定我的密码应该是正确的, 或者 有地方可以改密码吗?