USTC Blog is back online after two days’ downtime

Welcome back,

Due to a file system corruption at 01:30 AM Thursday (2014-12-18), the USTC Blog server is down for maintainence. We have investigated into this issue and restored the last good backup at 02:00 AM Wednesday (2014-12-17). We are sorry that all changes to your blog since Wednesday has been rolled back and would never be replayed. The good news is, your blog is back online now (that’s the point of this email).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this service downtime has brought to you in the past 48 hours, which is the longest downtime throughout USTC Blog history. We will file a report on this incident on in a few days.

Should you have any problem with the reborn blog system, please feel free to contact us: support (at)

Enjoy USTC Blog!

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  1. 这篇日志是 12 月 17 日凌晨 02:00 以后写的吗?如果是的话,很抱歉不能恢复,因为数据库损坏了。如果是更早写的,请告诉博客地址,我来检查一下。