Freeshell 添加内存限制留出 4G 余量

由于 freeshell 没有内存限制,近期经常出现 OOM。现在将每个 freeshell 的内存限制为(物理内存 – 4G),这样单个 freeshell 占用大量内存也不会把整个物理节点搞死。


This is to notice you that we have enforced memory limit on each freeshell to be (hardware memory – 4G), which is 12G for your freeshell. Don’t worry, your freeshell can still make use of most memory on hardware node.

Previously there was no memory limit on freeshell. Recently there are cases in which some freeshell allocates too much memory and leads to OOM (Out-Of-Memory) of the hardware node, making all freeshells on the hardware node inaccessible before the system kills the memory-demanding process. So this memory limitation is essentially a security measure to ensure freeshell isolation.